About us

The ZZP Fabriek is the partner of (local) governments, SMEs and enterprising self-employed people. We believe in the added value of independent entrepreneurs. Our ambition is to let people who choose to be self-employed find each other, connect and facilitate and thereby strengthen the local economy. Goal is to make use of the hidden talent of self-employed people and to create revenue models.

We are convinced that cooperation increases the sum of its parts. That is why we initiate business cases in thinking and acting with freelancers, accompanied by experts. We strive for innovation by means of challenges, organizing events to increase knowledge and to provide network opportunities, and deploy improvement projects to upgrade the entrepreneurial strength in everyone. We do this with a link to the Euregion, back and forth.

The ZZP Factory is a socio-economic enterprise. Our profit is intended to guarantee continuity, stimulate growth and to invest in innovation. We work in a professional organisation and collaborative environment.


It is our intention that every visitor to our website can gather information in their own language. In this way we want to show our respect for your interest in ZZP Fabriek. This is why we offer a compact description of the ZZP Fabriek in German, French and English on the Homepage.
Further information on the website is published in Dutch due to the actuality of the information. We hope that the cross-border visitor will understand this. When in dialogue with you personally we will do our utmost to speak in the language of your preference, depending on our language skills.


You can use the form to your right to contact us. We will contact you within 24 hours on working days. We are always working to improve our services. Every question or feedback is therefore also valuable to us. We are building this platform for small companies.

Coöperatie ZZP Fabriek Maastricht
Address: Boschstraat 45, 6211 AT Maastricht
The Netherlands

Tel: + 31 (0) 43 23 44 567
Mail: info@zzpfm.nl